Nocturnal Breed - Choke on Blood - Official Album Track

1st song to be released off the New Album WE ONLY CAME FOR THE VIOLENCE. Out June 28th on FOLTER Records. Preorder the new album and other Nocturnal Breed albums and merch at : or go to: For band contact and updates Front cover artwork by Maggotmeister Videographics and adaptation by Necrolust Productions Choke On Blood Music: S.A.Destroyer : Words: S.A.Destroyer Church of rapist infestation Inherently evil - Spiritual worm In masturbating corruption Are you catholic and proud ? Sweating like a whore in church Fucking everything that moves Brooding over fresh meat from your lord Perverted priesthood - This evil never rots Welcome into the church of Sodom You want to taste forbidden fruits The devils trinkets - Soul in whoredom Upon thy altar wicked Flesh-perverted and defiled Curled up in Hell to fester Rod of religion raping souls Like the kiss of a lepers lips Gods own pestilent touch Arch bishop in the church of flesh Released in orgasmic lust No more eyes of rust Weakling worm Confession - Choke on blood No more eyes of distrust Reverent worm Atonement - Choke on Blood No casket deep enough Now fuckin' choke on blood Hang'em dry from the gallows high Choke on your own blood Buried alive in children's bones Time to choke on blood Into a shallow grave you crawl Choke on your own blood Church, Of evil infestation Mental mummification Meat-deep molestation In humiliations strongholds Are you, catholic and proud ? vatican vomitory fucking children like animals "And I, god , will feed them, that oppress thee with their own flesh; and they shall be drunken with their own blood, as with sweet wine." (Isaiah 49:26)