Infrared - Genocide Convention (Official Video)

Infrared is proud to finally release a video for Genocide Convention depicting the extremely negative effects on Indigenous people brought about by the residential school system in Canada. Lyrics below. Produced and edited by Armin Kamal Infrared is a thrash metal band from Canada that formed in the 80's, disbanded for 27 years and then reunited to pump out two full length albums (No Peace and Saviours) of classic thrash metal that are true to the era and genre. Album available at: Lyrics: Into your lands, come to understand What was once yours, now another man’s Freedom now a dream, savages are cleaned Crushing all, extinguish screams Now you fear for your child’s life Ripped away and raised in church lands Taken far into the night Parent screams will die when hope ends Justify the ends, change will descend Targeting youth who can’t defend Far away schools, desecrated jewels Destroy their culture to cure the savage fools Now you fear your way of life Sterilized if not conceding Forced into a world of strife Now your wounded world is bleeding The ignorance of man Breeding mass denial Intolerance will stand As they birth the genocide convention Meet your new God, what you had is gone Cleansed of your sins so you can belong No one hears your cries as you live a lie White wave washes, old life dies Now you’ve learned all what they’ve taught Christian ways are what you’re breathing Robbed of all your natural thought Voices in your head are screaming The Ignorance of man Breeding mass denial Intolerance will stand As they birth the genocide convention We the indigenous, crying out for all justice lost We the indigenous, put a stop to all what you’ve cost We the indigenous, can you see us We the indigenous, will you see us Can you see us Will you see us

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