Violet Soda - Candyman (Official Video)

Violet Soda's first video from the "Tangerine" EP. Forever Vacation Records 2019 ::: DIRECTED BY Denis Carrion Patricia Selbach ::: CINEMATOGRAPHER Cassiano Geraldo :::: STILL PHOTOGRAPHY Lucca Miranda ::: THANKS TO Chay Paes Guto Nóbrega Studio 708 Ivo (MOVIE CENTER) [ LYRIC ] Why do we lie to make the same mistakes? I put my hand on fire. I love to play this game You’ve came for, wanting more Soft touch and a sweet tongue I want more of you and I’m not that drunk yet One more round! I’m gonna stop this time I’m dancing around with the flashing lights You want more, on the floor

Garage/Post-grunge from Brazil @São Paulo (SP)