Bad Religion - "Lose Your Head" (Lyric Video)

Listen to the full album: "Lose Your Head" by Bad Religion from the album 'Age of Unreason,' available now Order at Lyrics I ain't superstitious but hey do you know a good exorcist? Despite darker tendencies I've always had a strong bias to exist And though recent developments seem like bad news for humanity Self-pity is always a case of mistaken identity Don't lose your head Before you lose your head Religion who needs it and by the way how should we bury our dead I doubt that it matters much son that's what the postman said There's an accident waiting to happen at all times anyway And maybe we’d all benefit from some epistemic humility Don't lose your head Before you lose your head And when your life endeavor evades your clever meddling It's only headphone weather so get your head together Don't lose your head Soon we'll all be dead Official Site: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: #badreligion #ageofunreason #epitaph