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THE OKLAHOMA KID's brand new single 'SHAKING OFF THE DISEASE' off their upcoming album »SOLARRAY« (OUT SEPTEMBER 13th, 2019)! PRE-ORDER »SOLARRAY« HERE: SUBSCRIBE: GET THE SONG HERE: »VITJA COMEBACK SHOWS 2019« special guests: VENUES, THE OKLAHOMA KID 26.09.19  Hamburg - Logo 27.09.19  Cologne - Helios 37 28.09.19  Berlin - Musik & Frieden Tickets: FOLLOW ARISING EMPIRE: LIKE: FOLLOW: VISIT: FOLLOW THE OKLAHOMA KID: LIKE: FOLLOW: FOLLOW: Directed by Pavel Trebukhin ( Mixed and mastered by Christoph Wieczorek at Sawdust Recordings Lyrics: whatever you want I see I see that you won’t persevere whatever…

Dead Man Risen - Somnolence (OFFICIAL LYRIC VIDEO)

Official lyric video of Somnolence by Dead Man Risen. Solo project by Shaun Mitchell from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. From the 2019 album, Senseless Hollow.

Dead Man Risen Band

Dead Man Risen @Dead_Man_Risen
Melodic death metal project from Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

Scorcese - The New One (Official Music Video)

Scorcese Band - The New One (Official Music Video) Music video by Scorcese Band performing 'The New One'. © 2019 under exclusive license to Scorcese Band. Download this song: Taken from the first album 'Behind Sad Pictures'. Directed by Scorcese Band. Actress: Anna Gobbi Compositions © 2018 Scorcese Band. Recordings © 2018 GR Estúdios under exclusive license to Scorcese Band. http://www.scorceseband.com

Scorcese Band

Citizen Soldier - Cannibal (Official Video)

Our obsession with social validation is consuming us. Cannibal, the first single off of our upcoming album RELENTLESS is now available everywhere. SHARE IT! Follow us! Spotify: AppleMusic: Please LIKE this video and SUBSCRIBE to our channel! Recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Sahaj Ticotin in Los Angeles, California. Video Concept: Citizen Soldier Directed and cinematography by: Cameron Jackson Actors: Cindy Manwill, and Tyler Rollins (Anxxiety) ©2019 Citizen Soldier. All Rights Reserved Lyrics: Parasite, you always find a way to get me high You get me off then leave me terrified My fear is all that's keeping you alive Breaking me, You love me just enough so I won't leave Manipulate so I will never see That you're the one that has me on my knees Well I'm surrendering Show no mercy, show no love No saving me you're out for blood Cuz you're a cannibal, a cannibal You're a canniba…

Dirty Honey - When I'm Gone [Official Video]

The official music video for "When I'm Gone" by Dirty Honey. Hear "When I’m Gone” as the official theme song of WWE’s Extreme Rules 2019 Watch the behind-the-scenes video for a look at how the official music video was made → Listen to / Download the 'Dirty Honey' EP → Connect with Dirty Honey online: Instagram - Twitter - Facebook - Website - When I'm Gone Lyrics: I'm down and out on my knees Been working so hard to fill my needs Now I’ve been bit by a hand that feeds But I’m burning through cash like gasoline I’m back to the grind… All I wanted to say is I’ve been walking this line for too long All I wanted to say, the time has come, you’re gonna miss me when I’m gone I’ve got no shelter in the driving rain Got no lady to ease my p…

KXM "WAR OF WORDS" (Official Video) George Lynch, dUg Pinnick (King's X), Ray Luzier (Korn)

KXM "WAR OF WORDS" (Official Video) George Lynch, dUg Pinnick (King's X), Ray Luzier (Korn) from the new album "Circle of Dolls" available at: Bundles: or on Amazon: or on iTunes at: Edited and directed by Jamie Brown for Smoking Gun Productions inc. Director of photography- Sebastien Paquet KXM Website: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Rat Pak Records Website: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter:

Last Day Sect ft. Ed Sykes - Geraldine (Official Music Video)

Director - Jaco Norman DOP - Magda Kowalczyk Editor - Jaco Norman Lighting Designer - Magda Kowalczyk Art Department - Jaco Norman & Angelica Rose Kensa Ed Sykes - Shaun Lock Geraldine - Nevena White Norbért Clunte - Paul Cudderford Dr. Piano De Sade - Tom Wilcox Evil Nurse 1 - Hayley Norris Evil Nurse 2 - Angelica Rose Kensa Evil Nurse 3 - Mary Anna Clarke Evil Nurse 4 - Imogen Irving Lyrics by Ed Sykes Music by Tom Wilcox/Paul Cuddeford/Ed Sykes Ed Sykes: vocals, guitar, keyboards Paul Cuddeford: guitar, keyboards, bass, drums Produced by Paul Cuddeford and Tom Wilcox Mixed by Paul Cuddeford Recorded at Darwin Studios, London Mastered by Ed Woods From the album ‘Gothic Novel’ (c) Maniac Squat Records 2019

Maniac Squat Records

Manilla PR Ltd @manillaprltd

National and Regional Radio & Press PR co. Working with some of the best established, independent and up and coming artists around.

IRON KINGDOM Announces North American Tour Dates In Support of New Album "On The Hunt"

Iron Kingdom - The Samurai To purchase the album 'Ride For Glory' (Featuring 'The Samurai') go to: To purchase 'The Samurai' and other songs on iTunes go to: LYRICS: The time has come, It’s time to serve your master, Is your guilt sharper than your sword? The gleam of steel, You feel your heart beat faster, Honour calls, still you stay your hand, (Chorus) Samurai Ohh Ohh Ohh, You failed your lord and master, Fall on your sword, You are no samurai, Ohh Ohhhhh! (End Chorus) You try to hide your shame, Only a warrior in name, Not fit to live, not fit to fight, It goes on and on again, It takes a blade to ease the pain, Kneel here now, and make the cut clean! (Chorus) The time is now, You wish to serve your master, Swear your vengeance in his name, Till your last breath, You will pursue the bastards, Honour calls, time to make your stand, (*ALT Chorus) Samurai, Ohh Ohh Ohh! Avenge yo…


Carousel Kings “Monarch“ is from the album, Plus Ultra available now. Order Here - LYRICS: Lose control if it’s what makes you feel whole Overthrown by the voice inside your skull I’m losing my control I waited in my kingdom for a message I settled for the silence I betrayed I never questioned my commitment To fixing these faulty transmissions  But it still doesn’t hurt at all  The way you always make me fall for you If I make it through a maze of contemplation I’d find out just how much that I can take I’d never give in to these demons  But I still receive their transmissions Like you and your lies It happens all the time  You’re always right You’re always right Directed by Brian Raida Produced by Andrew Melzer © Victory Records 2019 #CarouselKings#Monarch#VictoryRecords#PlusUltra

Victory Records

CAROUSEL KINGS DEBUT MUSIC VIDEO “MONARCH” New Album PLUS ULTRA, Available Now Plus Ultra Tour Phase 3 Launches July 26

CAROUSEL KINGS are giving a differ…