No Hot Ashes - "Boulders" (Official Music Video)

Subscribe here for more videos - | From the album NO HOT ASHES. Get your copy NOW: Follow the "Newest From Frontiers" playlist on Spotify to keep up with all the new songs we release each week: Connect with No Hot Ashes: Boulders is inspired by the story of singer Eamon Nancarrow’s parents, Molly and Marcus. However, it is a story that is told around the UK: how people cope through their troubles while caring for someone they love. In Molly and Marcus’ case they got through the hard part (raising children like Eamon) and at the moment it looked like they could relax one of them was struck down by an illness that made them housebound and in need of constant care from family and professionals. They are not alone. According to Carers UK’s statistics there are 6.5 million unpaid carers in the UK, they are known as the silent army. They are young, they are old and all doing one thing, caring for their loved one. In financial terms their service is the equivalent of another NHS. This song is for everyone who has those boulders to overcome, be they part of the silent army or in the NHS and private service, caring for those who need help. And should you want to know about the stress Eamon put his parent through, then his very funny autobiography will enlighten you. It also has stories from the early days of No Hot Ashes, their times in Belfast and Eamon's journey from Holywood, County Down to London, for rock and roll fame and fortune. The book is called 'Holywood Star: the life and time of a rock and roll misadventurer'. Available in paperback and Kindle at Amazon and has almost 50 five-star reviews: VIDEO CREDITS Pictures From Unsplash ( by these photographers: Alex Bocharov, Alex Holyoake, Allan Filipe Santos Dias, Alvaro Reyes, Antonio Dicaterina, Blake Wisz, Carly Rae Hobbins, Dani Vivanco, Edward Cisneros, Ethan Robertson, Everton, Vila, Farsai C, Frank Mckenna, Gabby Orcutt, Gift Habeshaw, Grant Ritchie, Inna Lesyk, Ivan Cabanas, Jack Finnigan, Jaggu Dada, Jared Sluyter , Jason Thomas, JD Mason, Joanna Nix, Jose Chomali, Joshua Ness, Justin Follis, Katarzyna Grabowska, Marcus Wallis, Matheus Ferrero , Matheus Ferrero, Milan Popovic, Neonbrand, Pablo Heimplatz, Priscilla Du Preez, Rawpixel, Robert Bye, Ryan Holloway, Shelby Deeter, Tanja Heffner, Taylor L Spurgeon, Tim Foster, Tim Mossholder, Timo Stern, Timothy Kolczak, Tnk Photo, Toa Heftiba X2, Travis Grossen, Victoria Kure Wu, Wes Hicks, William Stitt, Yoann Boyer Videos From Pixabay Video edited by Xan Phillips Connect with Frontiers: Facebook - Twitter - Instagram - Web - Frontiers Rock Festival: - - Frontiers Metal Festival: - -