Lucifer's Cold Embrace - The Elegy of Lilith (FULL ALBUM)

Artist: Lucifer's Cold Embrace Album: The Elegy of Lilith Released: 30/11/2018 Country: Netherlands Genre: Symphonic Black/Death Metal Record Label: Independent Website: Facebook: Tracklist: 00:00 - The Sulphurous Hammering 04:34 - Abrenuntio Deo 09:53 - Angels of the Bottomless Pit 14:27 - The Elegy of Lilith 19:13 - Titanic 21:29 - The Witches' Mark 26:50 - Oubliette 31:56 - CDXLVIII 37:45 - Abyssal Descent 42:00 - Legion Purchase the Album here: itunes: google play: spotify: I would like to thank Martin van Beek for sending me the album to promote on this page. Many thanks. 2018 - All rights go to Lucifer's Cold Embrace. This Album is for promotional purposes only. I want to promote Symphonic/Melodic Black metal by showing great bands. If the record label or band wish for me to delete this video then please send me a message and I shall remove it straight away. Thank you.