Alive In Barcelona - The Fight (Official Music Video)

Purchase "Alive In Barcelona" here: --------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: The water is rising And I have to sink or swim The ship is capsizing And fear is setting in I close my eyes and ask how can I be strong When everyone I know in this world is giving up Hold on, hold on This is the calm before the storm Gather the crew raise the alarm We’re not afraid Hold on, hold on This is the fight you have to win Don’t let the current pull you in Don’t be afraid My demons are hiding And I feel like giving in Depression is fighting And I can’t let it win When you feel you’ve lost control, don’t be afraid When you make the broken whole, don’t be afraid When you feel like you’re running out of life, don’t be afraid Hold on, hold on… It’s not your time Directed by: Dawson Scholz - Talk Studios Edited by: Sam Link - Collapse Studios