Youth Killed It Unveil Cheeky New Video For ‘Great British Summer’

Official stream for 'Great British Summer' by Youth Killed It off their album, 'What's So Great, Britain?'. Pre-order 'What's So Great, Britain?': ► Follow Youth Killed It on Spotify: Lyrics: Oh it’s raining again And my next door neighbour he won’t stop Complaining again Over things that don’t even matter to him But if the sun was shining, he would be likely smiling And I wouldn’t have to listen to his Constant “yippa-yappa” all day every day Cause he'd be watering his flowers Keeping him busy for hours I love the old boy But he’s a nightmare when it showers I need a great British summer I’m feeling down, feeling lower than the weather With sun it’ll make it all better Get some Vitamin D for your temper And where are my friends? Why when it rains does everybody stay in? Trapped in a room I’ll book a holiday But anywhere else it just don’t feel the same Only when everyone’s happy and the banter’s great I’m gonna buy a paddling pool So everybody stop being miserable We can use the central heating And grab the umbrellas to cover the seating We’ll have a few for a couple of hours And we won’t care about the showers If the summer ain’t here right now We'll bring it to the UK somehow. ► More from Youth Killed It: What's So Great, Britain?: Where Did I Go Wrong?: Popstar: Job Back: ► Connect on Social: Facebook: Facebook: Twitter: Twitter: Instagram: Instagram: Website: Website:

Youth Killed It Unveil Cheeky New Video For ‘Great British Summer’ 
Taken From The Indie-Punks Forthcoming Sophomore LP ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’

30th July 2018: London/Norwich Crew Youth Killed It have unveiled the cheeky and cheery video for seasonal single ‘Great British Summer’

Frontman/guitarist Jack Murphy says of the piece: “The majority was filmed by our good friend and videographer Rob Aiano during our time at the Isle of Wight for the festival. Then with some reshoots and special sauce, voila, a music video for the ages. We're pretty sure that like 99% of Britain suffers from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) so it’s about how we need some Vitamin D to cheer us all up.” 
The single is the latest to be taken from their newly announced sophomore album. 

Entitled ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’, it will see release via Rude Records on 5th October, with Murphy setting the scene:  “Everything I’ve experienced over the last 14 months led to the creation of this record. Things that affect and impact the life of someone in their 20’s – from society to relationships. It’s been a mad 18 months for Britain and my personal life in general, so I really put my heart on my sleeve with this one.” The record is available to pre-order here, featuring instant grats of the new single, plus two others recently unveiled: lead single ‘Where Did I Go Wrong?’ (here) and title track ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ (here).
Completed by Carlos Montero and Josh Arter-Taylor on guitar, Josh Thexton on bass and Ben Ford on drums, Youth Killed It say “it’s hard to pinpoint where exactly our sound comes from, somewhere deep within the recesses of our minds probably.” The members have an eclectic range of tastes, from funk to indie, to alt-rock, blues, and prog metal. In fact, the band began life in Norfolk as metal-band ‘Under The Influence’, before reforming in 2016 with their current moniker and aspirations of “writing songs about never doing the dishes, hating their day jobs and having fun, not taking things too seriously in a world where everything is taxing and exhausting.” Signing with Rude Records on the strength of 2 EPs, saw the band release their debut album ‘Modern Bollotics’ in mid-2017.
For ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’, the Norwich crew initially began working with a production team before rethinking this, preferring to self-record at Crystal Sound Studios, as Murphy explains: “Our sound just wasn’t where we wanted it to be, so Carlos and I produced it. It gave us more time and fewer restrictions. It really is from start to finish a band job: no extra writers, no producers, just us.” Capturing a raw and impassioned sound comparable to the likes of The Clash, Arctic Monkeys, and Blur, they return with more nostalgic 90’s riffs, stream-of-consciousness vocal deliveries, and charming hooks. Murphy declares: “Our sound has developed and matured into something I’m seriously proud of. I hope it resonates the way I want it to, as me and the boys put everything into it and as much as I love the last one, this one really is close to my heart.”

‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ Track Listing: 1. What’s So Great, Britain? 2. Headbutt 3. Where Did I Go Wrong? 4. Great British Summer 5. The Getaway 6. 0121 7. What You’re Thinking 8. Already Dead 9. No Money, No Monday 10. Peaceful House 11. This Sounds Cliché 12. On My Own

Youth Killed It Release Sophomore Album ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’ via Rude Records on 5th October 2018. Pre-Order now & Get Instant Grats Of The Singles To Date: 

Watch ‘Great British Summer’: 

Youth Killed It’s Currently Announced Live Dates: 6th October – Manchester, Aatma | 7th October – Norwich, Epic | 9th October – Birmingham, Subside | 10th October - Bristol – Hy-Brasil | 12th October -London, Notting Hill Arts Club

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Youth Killed It - 'What's So Great, Britain?'

Released Via Rude Records On 05/10/18

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