WEARING THIN - Blame (Official Music Video)

Pre-order "More Than Just a Frame" by Wearing Thin: http://www.merchbucket.com/category/w... Available worldwide on 7/13/18 via Tragic Hero Records. Video written and recorded by Dominic Trujillo. Music recorded and produced by Aaron Gillespie of Underoath. -LYRICS- If I waste away Into a darker place I’ll be fine without you It’s the things you say That create this sort of space That makes it hard to break through I wish I could figure you out But I’ll probably take it back again The second I miss your bed I can’t escape the fear of sinking into your skin I don’t feel the same I can’t escape from using you We’re so short lived Wrapped in indecision Sinking in the sin Of something we just can’t fix I am wasting away Maybe I’m to blame