Time, The Valuator - In Control (feat. Nico Schiesewitz) (Official Video)

The new single "In Control", taken from the album "How Fleeting, How Fragile" out August 3rd, 2018 via Long Branch Records and Famined Records. Get it here: https://TimeTheValuator.lnk.to/HowFle... http://www.facebook.com/timethevaluator http://www.facebook.com/longbranchrec... http://www.facebook.com/faminedrecords http://www.faminedrecords.com Recorded, mixed and mastered by Embark Audio (Christof Kempe) http://www.embarkaudio.com/ Additional recordings by Christoph Jordan & Yunus Proch Directed by Pavel Trebukhin http://www.tre.lv/ Actors: Rosalie and Pasel www.instagram.com/mr.and.mrs.diverse/ LYRICS: Like passing city lights I watch these days go by Moving all too fast For me to comprehend Paralyzed like a fly in a cobweb All my motions oppressed No chance of survival No harbour from this storm Day or night it makes no difference I'm enslaved by my own mind It's Forcing me to watch It is forcing me to sleep Oh hello Do I know you? Don't mind me I'm just a stranger What caught your attention? What are your intentions? You got way too close Drew me from my hideout You broke down all of my barricades the light in your eyes Reconnects me to a real life So is there a chance for me to change Or is everything already set in stone? Can I follow my own aspirations and Take back control? I need a soul See I'm not a cold machine There's no simple solution To be honest I cannot define myself Please take my hand and turn me into to a better man I've had my head in the clouds for too long I've had enough shed my doubts cause I'm Back in control again I'm so tired of this self destruction Of this endless fight against myself All will fall into place Once we lift this curse