THE ROOM 1985 - "The Bliss" Out 10 August 2018 via Analogue Trash Records

The Door by Room 1985 © Room 1985 are: Chris - Guitars, Bass Guitar, Synth John Hulse - Drums and Programming Special guest on vocals Corey Friesenhan Album : Room 1985 (2016) Lyrics: So, so far Oh so far.. I think i'm losing.. No matter what we came to be... Let me be good to you and the right! ..about you? It’s in the stories that we say Like someone’s waiting to be told It’s in the stories that we say Like someone’s waiting to be told The act encompasses the play We watch the scenes we live unfold It's true It’s in the stories that we say Like someone’s waiting to be told It’s in the stories that we say Like someone’s waiting to be told The act encompasses the play We watch the scenes we live unfold Directed by Timothy Russell and Chris Grifoni


The Bliss
Analogue Trash Records
10 August 2018

THE ROOM 1985 are back with their upcoming album THE BLISS due out on August 10th 2018

Psychedelic progressive rockers THE ROOM 1985 are back with their brand new album ‘The Bliss’ set for release on August 10th2018 where they will be holding a release party in their home town of Manchester at The Peer Hat. This album promises crushing grooves, heavy riffs, and a prog / funk infusion that send you on synth induced audio adventure. 

What happens when the psychedelic experimentation of Pink Floyd meets eighties nostalgia and then mixes with modern electronic sounds and techniques? Add in a whisper of post-rock and metal and ROOM 1985 is the result. This band of three is ready to take your hand, your soul, your brain and your heart on a journey for all the senses. 
Their influences (such as Depeche Mode, Mike Oldfield, The Mars Volta) are evident when you listen to ROOM 1985 originals and they were born to play the music that inspires them and ignites inspiration in others.

Formed in 2016, the band was formed by Chris Crysand (guitar/synths) who has toured all over Europe with a previous electronic project and also with his Italian prog-metal band The Fifth Season. The bands boast collaborations with prestigious artists ranging from Van der Graaf Generator, Brandi Winny of Ozric Tentacles and Rofoldo Maltese through to DJ Antoine Becks, Lel Brothas and Nero.

“I moved to Cheshire to try and form a band with no particular intentions or sound in mind, although I have always been a fan of synth-wave. I had previously advertised for a drummer and that’s when I met John (drummer) in a bar in Manchester’s Northern Quarter and soon the synth-wave idea turned in a “real” rock’n’ roll band with a strong electronic root. Now, we also incorporate a psychedelic / prog-rock feel.
In April 2018, during the recording sessions of our second album, we met Sam (lead vocals/bass), who was planned to be a guest vocalist on one of the new songs. Then, for both sides, it seemed meant to be and so…. then there were three!"
 - Chris Crysand

Sam Stone, a singer and bass player with several years of experience (formerly of Wet Desert) was pursuing a career in both performing and music production. His passion for music spans many genres, including Deep House, Indie Rock, Jazz, Hip/Hop and Soul.
John Hulse (drums/programming) is a versatile drummer, inspired by John Bonham, Nick Mason and Phil Collins and all the iconic drummers of the 1970's. Having recently graduating at the BIMM Manchester Music College, John brings his experimental style using drum machines and electronic pads to create an original and unique sound.

The band’s self-titled debut album was released in July 2017, preceding a support slot for German icons Das Ich’s sold out show at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester.
Their second release ‘The Bliss’ is due for release in August 10th 2018, both via Analogue Trash Records.


Sam Stone: Vocals and bass
John Hulse: Drums and Electronic Drums
Chris Crysand: Guitars, Synth and Backing Vocals


2.THE BLISS feat. Emily Oldfied Poetry 
4.ISHTAR (instrumental) 
6.THE ARRIVAL feat. Vickie Harley 
7.THE TENTACLES OF THE OZ (instrumental) 

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