The Apocalypse Blues Revue - Nobody Rides For Free (The Shape Of Blues To Come) 2018

► Order the album now: Nobody Rides For Free from The Apocalypse Blues Revue album "The Shape Of Blues To Come". “Lyrically, the idea for Nobody Rides For Free was written when we saw a hitchhiker on our first tour (a rare sighting in this day and age), and we started reminiscing about the days when we would hitchhike back in the day without a second thought. The only reason to hitchhike was because you didn’t have a car, so most folks were doing out of necessity, and back then it was the old unspoken rule that some kind of payment would be expected, hence the saying “ass, cash, or grass”. Musically I wanted to emulate the Chicago blues upbeat and seamlessly drop into a Texas shuffle, and showcase some of Tony’s jazzy blues licks, as well as a nod to Pink Floyd in the front end of the lead section. In the end, it came together smoothly and is one of the most fun songs to perform live.” Visit our website! MLG on Spotify: Facebook: Twitter: Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: