Skyward Story - "New Beginnings" (Official Music Video)

Skyward Story's newest single, off of their upcoming record 'Reborn', coming soon on Outerloop Records. Get "New Beginnings" Here: Keep up with Skyward Story: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: We were sitting in the back seat in the dead heat We were lying and I'd listen to your heart beat Fall asleep to radio playing I don't want to know and it meant everything to us It still means everything to me Feels like a New beginning Like the fog in me has finally lifted Like my life could change at any minute All I know is that today I'm different Breaking through Like I'm new Like a new beginning Lately everything is different but we're alright We're getting everything we ever wanted tonight You don't really get the good life Sleeping through the moonlight Now we don't really sleep at all With the world at our feet Nobody remembers the nights they got plenty of sleep If these walls could talk I wouldn't want to hear them out Don't worry, I'm sorry I'm just better off without Someday, we'll say That it's better off this way It's better that we have our