OMINOUS ECLIPSE To Unleash New Album "Sinister" September 2018

Official music video for "Sinister" the title track off our upcoming sophomore album. Filmed by Joe Moon of Dark Moon Productions: Ominous Eclipse uses Indie Guitars: Lyrics: Dawn breaks out the sky is red welcome a new era of war In denial to face the truth that this is world war 3 Bloody skies symbolize the bloodshed stains the walls Devastation total despair warfare claims the earth once again Sinister, beg for the end, Sinister Sinister, scream out for help, Sinister Sinister, left in the dark, Sinister Sinister, when will we learn? Sinister Millions forced to flee from their homes Seeking for help from anyone but turned away Desperate they flea from their home lands Helplessly they plea for protection We've turned our backs on those truly in need Blinded by ignorance and first world greed Open your eyes and then you'll see Be the first learn from the past Sinister, beg for the end, Sinister Sinister, scream out for help, Sinister Sinister, left in the dark, Sinister Sinister, when will we learn? Sinister Judgement and foolishness watch them bleed we roam free Severed heads children lie dead as we live on carefree Selfishness turning a blind eye on the true darkness Belittle the true horror change now before its too late

OMINOUS ECLIPSE To Unleash New Album "Sinister" September 2018

L-R- James Close (Guitar/Vocal), Graham Murphy (Guitar/Vocal), Ryan Clements (Bass), Jeremiah Marshall (Drums) - Photo Credit: Max Southwood

    A very ambitious band passionate about writing and playing extreme music, Ottawa ON's OMINOUS ECLIPSE draws their inspiration from a wide variety of genres to create a unique hybrid sound with death metal being the main aspect combined with elements of thrash, groove, black, melodic, etc. Active since 2014, OMINOUS ECLIPSE has been making waves on the local scene opening for names such as Revocation, The Agonist, Kalmah, Archspire, Incantation, Vesperia, Beyond Creation, Rivers of Nihil to name a few. In the same year of their conception, they unleashed a four song EP “Beyond The Apocalypse” with a full length “End Of Days” following not long after in 2015. Now in 2018, they return with their sophomore album “Sinister” due out September 14th.

The band comments:

"There's no concept or theme on this album so all the songs have different meaning. The title track itself divulges into the inevitable end to humanity and potentially the world with it. It discusses the issues around the globe and also addresses the ignorance and selfishness of those indirectly affected by the chaos. It has a strong "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" theme in regards to how people can turn their backs on those in need in order to save their own skin, which ironically will lead to our end as it causes people to turn on each other. Musically for this album, you will notice we have evolved from the first release and have moved away from thrashy overtones to become more diverse including more heavily stated melodic and technical with a solid groove and death foundation."

OMINOUS ECLPISE's first three singles, the album's title track "Sinister""Spiral Into Insanity"and "The Horde" were assaulted upon metal fans earlier this year and can be heard at the following links:

Music Video - Sinister - 

Lyric Video - Spiral Into Insanity - 

The Horde - 

Album Pre-order available on BandcampiTunesAmazonGoogle Play plus stream of singles on Spotify.

Track Listing:
1. Death By Dissection (6:13)
2. Sinister (5:00)
3. Spiral Into Insanity (4:16)
4. Lost At Sea (8:02)
5. No Redemption For The Damned (6:43)
6. Breaking The Chains (5:50)
7. The Horde (7:25)
8. Eye Of The Raven (6:41)
Album Length: 50:14
- 30 -
"Their new song “Spiral Into Insanity” has a strong death metal foundation, including very melodic leads, but there’s more than enough groovy thrash inspiration and even a hint of black metal there. " - Decibel Magazine

"'Sinister' is a high-energy track launched by heartless riff jabs, ear-scouring string squeals, and neck-snapping drumwork. The vocals come for your throat, too, in an effusion of heartless roars and face-scraping shrieks, and the song is accented by flurries of spidery, darting fretwork and by a pair of flashy, fluid, but demented solos. It becomes a thrashing gallop, but without becoming any less venomous in its delivery." - No Clean Singing

"As the evolution of Ominous Eclipse has progressed, the band have hybridized a seething core of death metal sound with elements of thrash, black metal, and melodic death metal. But if “The Horde” is a sign of what’s to come next, they’re reaching for new levels of monstrous and electrifying destructiveness." - No Clean Singing

"Whilst we wait with anticipation to hear the rest of the record ”Sinister” is yet another outstanding track on what looks set to be a very exciting record from ‘Ominous Eclipse’.” - Spirit Level Magazine

"The crowd was stellar at Mavericks, where each of the four bands were well represented by their fan bases. Opening on the night were Ominous Eclipse, whose chunky, frantic thrash metal din was led by their howling frontman. Largely drawing from their 2015 album End of Days, the four-piece pounded through six songs, tackling tracks like "Pestilence," Abandoned" and the album's particularly solid title track. Helping to limber the crowd for the chaos to come, they called for a "wall of death" in the confines of the club and the fans delivered, clearing the centre of the floor before the opposing sides barrelled into one another, bodies flying everywhere." - Exclaim! (Live Review opening for Kalmah April 2016)

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