Manticora - Echoes Of A Silent Scream

We bring you today, our brand new music video for, "Echoes Of A Silent Scream". Get into the horrific basement for the first time, and help us dig in the forest..... If you dare..... "Echoes Of A Silent Scream", from the album "TO KILL TO LIVE TO KILL" by Manticora Video produced by Kasper Serup Christensen & Manticora Filming, editing and post production by Kasper Serup Christensen (KSC Productions) - Manticora is endorsed by Engl amplifiers Order "To Kill To LIve To Kill” as CD or Digital at: Or the Asian version at: Order the novel "To Kill To LIve To Kill” on Lyrics: Adrenaline rushing in to keep me strong All strung up, standing in the dark The tension in the air is indescribable Pure destruction of life on my mark Your silent screaming leaves a permanent sight I shall never forget until I die Your body broken and high on adrenaline And your eyes, in desperation, asking why Digging - To keep my sanity Hunting - To find my identity Searching deeper down in history (To keep the nightmares away) Burying the memories of gray So we leave the eerie burial ground In the dying hour of the night Conscience as white and pale as pristine snow Internally saturated with this might - Thank you to the following people for your invaluable help: Turf & Lene Nielsen/Fysioterapi & Motion Carsten Skov/Ditlevsen & Skov Brøndby Naturskole Pia Larsen/KUH Peter Vielsted, Rikke Bryde, Meera Natarajan, Peter Bilgrav, Jes Berthelsen, Kim Krooelt