Attila - Pizza (Official Audio Stream)

ONE TWO THREE FOUR You know what you are A pizza poser FUCK YOU I've never seen you eat a slice To you it's just a trend Pizza is my life Thin crust deep dish double pepperoni Elios stuffed crust no anchovies Pizza rolls bagel bites Cheesy crust is what I like Put it in the oven We can order delivery I don't care I'm not very picky Warm and delicious, spicy, sticky Cut it into 8 squares or triangles All I really want is pizza in me Pizza is the greatest food on earth I got drunk with papa john He snorted cocaine with his apron on He got too fucked up for delivery It was over 30 minutes so my pizza was free Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza You fucking piece of shit Why would you do this to me I'm gonna peel your eyes Out of your fucking skull I will extract your blood And use it as pizza sauce