ABHORRENT DEFORMITY 'Ripped From a Mother's Mutilated Womb' music video

ABHORRENT DEFORMITY 'Slaughter Monolith' available worldwide August 3rd, 2018 via Comatose Music! There are many ways to kill… some are simple, frenzied and bludgeoning. Others are more complex and more creative… more artistic. The edifice of horror that Abhorrent Deformity have created with their second album, the towering testament to death that is ‘Slaughter Monolith’. It’s compelling, enthralling, fascinating – at times breathtaking, both in its brutality and its magnificence. The captivating dark beauty, the grandeur and the intricacy are drawn together in Slaughter Monolith’s cover art, putting the final perfect seal on Abhorrent Deformity’s gloriously grotesque, godless creation. www.comatosemusic.com www.facebook.com/abhorrentdeformity/