Sleep Waker - Turnaround (Official Music Video)

It’s like pulling teeth You rip them all away You spit back in the face of the ones you were trying to save Abandoned by love //And embraced by hate// Cutting all the ties you tried so hard to make Everybody leaves, everybody fucking leaves. It’s so convenient just to get up and walk out on me You fucking know, you always ruin everything Son of a bitch, you can’t stay //You can’t stay// So, don’t tell me I’m nothing You’re just a man that couldn’t stand responsibility Taking away the love we had You fucking threw me away //Threw me away// Don’t tell me you can’t live with yourself How can you look in the mirror, When nothing else looks back? Never speak my name You’re a rat, You’re just scum, try to keep me out You don’t deserve a better life than the one you gave up No life, no life Abandon me Deserter Nothing is the same You fucking took my life away Nothing’s the same You’re just a waste of my time Keep your distance Pulling teeth Rip Away x2 You took everything that meant something to me Cut your ties and walked out, the second that you were free I never wanted to look back, so I never did I’m just a fucking mistake and you’ll Forget me Pulling teeth, leaving nothing the same That’s what you’re best at, it seems like nothing’s changed Sleep Waker /slēp,wāˈker/ n. Nü metalcore from Grand Rapids, MI focused on delivering both heavy music and an interesting and unique sound. Socials: Facebook: Instagram/Twitter: @sleepwakerband