Moaning - Tired [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Moaning (Release Date: March 2, 2018) Pre-order now Moaning Facebook Instagram Twitter Sub Pop Records Twitter Facebook SoundCloud MegaMart Podcast Subscribe To Sub Pop's YouTube Channel VIDEO CREDITS Director: Ambar Navarro Produced by Gregory Barnes & Jesy Odio Director of Photography: Kate Steinhebel Gaffer & AC: William Hayes Edited by Tempe Hale & Ambar Navarro Pyro: Hot Tito Stills: Kelsey Hart HMU: Leticia Llesmin Production Assistants: Eben Zboch & Tempe Hale Color Correction: Fidel Ruiz-Healy Starring Casper the Hamster, Mr.Maggie, and 2 lucky goldfish Shot at Titmouse Special Thanks to, Babak Khoshnoud, Stefanie Loza, Austin Koff, Zeiss Lenses, Aaron Jupin and Chris Prynoski