Lucrecia - Brotherhood feat. Sam Kohl (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Dreambound ________________________________ Artist: Lucrecia Song: Brotherhood (feat. Sam Kohl of Sea In The Sky) Album: Single (2017) Hometown: Bay Area, California Website: Instagram: Youtube: ________________________________ Lyrics: I've been searching, seeking all these pieces that have long been forgotten Can we stand on our own? We've been soul searching for who we are For far too long Solemnly, silently wandering Waiting for the calm. We've been veering down a broken course of selfish skewed perceptions Realign our paths and sight casting aside misguided ill intentions. No longer being led astray by the acts of their transgressions. A retraction to an endless cycle built on exclusions. Wane, let go We've always felt it, Reach out, grasp hold We are an illusion to ourselves. All our lives we have spectated yet never uttered a single word Silently whispering incoherently Continuing to squander away every little piece we've tried to overcome and to achieve Malleable self deluded personalities (You're not changing for yourself) Buckling under the weight of mediocrity (Or for any of them) Enveloping their hearts in compassion and empathy Casting aside vanity and apathy Illuminate these splintering fractured foundation Encasing our tainted shattered glass souls Break free from these rusted conducts that contain us How long can we continue being a hollowed ghost of our real selves? These chains can no longer quell this malignant animosity we harbor inside Excrement, we can no longer tolerate being force fed all of this fucking bullshit We're seeing phantoms in our hallways. We're so concerned with what we aren't. Trading our souls for their cause And buried our bodies in walls. A brittle foundation of self, The cracks in the face of our bones. Wane, let go We've always felt it, Reach out, grasp hold We were meant for so much more. Are we alive? Are our hearts still heating, Barely clinging on We're barely breathing ________________________________ Credits: Directed by Andy Chen Instrumentals Recorded by James Fotherby Vocals Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Nick Loiacano Guest Vocals by Sam Kohl of Sea In The Sky Session Drums by Jordan Alvarez of Wrath of Tides Background Animation by @cc.jesse