GLASS HANDS Release Official Music Video for "WAITING ROOM"

Stream "Waiting Room" here: Official Website: Music: Merchandise: Contact Us: “We walk through this life without proper legs We think in circles from dirt to dirt Through these glass clocks, we count the minutes Until these glass hands can no longer tick These instants, only fragile in the palms that let them be” Credits: Video by Brian “Bone” Thorburn at Threshold Studios in Indianapolis LYRICS: Now I just waste time Awake, in a waiting room without you by my side Am I alone in this? Consciousness, suicide It cuts me down like I'm the wrist and you're the knife So fucking toxic And for last time I'll listen To the ghost that would carry me right along with him I lit the match, I lit the match Please, won't somebody save me from The lack of a difference I've made? (I thought it was real, I really did I pushed so hard, but you pulled back And as we slowly become one, I'll separate my own thoughts from your influence I now know you'll always be half of me And I'm willing to accept that But you have to accept the change) And I lit the match but you tried to save me (Tried to save me) They're all living free while we die guilty But I'll throw it all away, I do it every day How could I get the message? I'll never learn my lesson We're burning anyway, what else can I say? I didn't learn my lesson Make sure they get the message Make sure they get the message I've felt this before but nothing compares to The pain that you caused And the blood that was spilled in vain And for the last time I'll listen To the devil feeding hungry vultures I've come to terms, I'm cold on the outside It just hurts to find out that you've been Dead on the inside What a waste of time, you were for me Throw it all away But I'll throw it all away, I do it every day How could I get the message? I'll never learn my lesson We're burning anyway, what else can I say? I didn't learn my lesson Make sure they get the message And I’ve felt this linger Why'd you slip through my fingers? Not a night to remember 'cause I'm never getting better I'll fight while I can cause I'm holding on to this I'm holding on You always thought that I never believed this would last It took the same strength to leave as it did to collapse

GLASS HANDS Release Official Music Video for "WAITING ROOM"

February 20, 2018 - Indiana metalcore band GLASS HANDS has released the Official Music Video for their single "Waiting Room." Filmed, directed, and edited by Brian “Bone” Thorburn at Threshold Studios in Indianapolis, based on concepts from Glass Hands and Brian “Bone” Thorburn, "Waiting Room" is the debut single off of Glass Hand's upcoming EP.

“Waiting Room is a song about watching yourself become a negative, apathetic person without the strength to do anything about it; feeling like you’re just waiting around until the end. Like anyone, each of us in the band have had our own internal battles, and we think that the feeling of numbness in depression is something a lot of people can relate to, and that’s what we wanted to do with this song. We wanted to relate.” - Glass Hands

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Glass Hands is more than a name change for the former Indianapolis based metal band Infamous. Glass Hands is the striking result of a 6 year evolutionary journey that scorched the definition of the genre. Glass Hands has already created a buzz with their technical guitar prowess infusing ambient and melodic harmonies topped with powerful lyrics. High energy live performances and undeniable chemistry is guaranteed with this five piece group.
Delivering one hard‐hitting anthem after another, and driven by powerful guitars, aggressive drum beats, and poignant lyrics, this Midwestern outfit gave a taste of what was to come with the music video release of "Alone". This visual introduction to Glass Hands unapologetically speeds ahead with a barreling riff and unshakable chant. Greeted by the tremendous response to the video, the band released their debut EP Exit Letters on August 13, 2016.
On social media giant, Facebook, the music video, "Alone", spread at a feverish pace and reached almost 275,000 people and currently has over 110,000 views, 3,000 shares, 300 comments in the first month. Fueled by this, the EP Exit Letters hit the iTunes Metal Charts at the #32 position and remained solidly in the Top 50 for the first week!
Only a year and a half after the release of Exit Letters, Glass Hands released the explosive single entitled "Waiting Room", acommpanied by a visually captivating music video.
The band plans to release a full‐length LP this summer, with a tour to follow.

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