Ascendant - Tears of His Majesty [Official Music Video]

"Tears of His Majesty" by Ascendant is taken from "A Thousand Echoes'' album out on Metal East Records on 12 May 2017 Special thanks to Kinan Shorbaji for using the gift of his unique style and bringing our all the colors to make this video Check out the full length track: Youmni Abou Al Zahab - Vocals Alaa Abou Saada - Guitars Ashish Shetty - Guitars Puneet Sharma – Bass & Vocals Aram Kalousdian - Drums Lyrics: Oh king! Dwells a place on the face of Hell It’s as charming, as I’ve ever known Gushes of water, surge hills and valleys Fill forests, with laughter and more ‘’I cognize the place You speak of its grace It’s a rookery of His fictive thoughts It’s a brothel of lies There’s mist in your eyes Forbidden from realms of that dog’’ Oh king! There’s a maiden, she breathes on this haven Your son is now wedged to her soul Lord I am shattered, unending battle Charade of the pious and pure ‘’Love is a ploy It’s her fatal white cry It was slain by the heavens above Take heed my son Confide in them none They are men of that menacing god’’ The pain of his angels let loose from their cage Upon this earth fall his power his rage The pain of his servants his burden today Upon this earth fall the tears of his majesty Let’s war! =============================================== ''A Thousand Echoes" is available at: Spotify: Bandcamp: CDBaby: Amazon: All GCC Virgin Mega store branches. Follow us on: Ascendant 2018 All rights reserved