LYRIC VIDEO FOR RIFFCOVEN FROM THE DEBUT "CROWN OF DARKNESS" BY RIFFCOVEN. Video edit and design by Acto Filmes and Marcelo Kaskadura - Thank You, Brother! We love it! Underground até o Osso! Riffcoven is a Brazilian Stoner Metal/Doom Duo from Jundiaí-SP: Rev. Bode (vocals & guitars) Old One (drums) Recording, Mix and Master by Bruno Fornazza at Bimini Studio Contact: www.riffcoven.bandcamp.com www.facebook.com/riffcoven riffcoven@gmail.com Lyrics: HAIL SATAN AND LOUDNESS ELECTRIC FUZZ SORCERY DRUGS SEX AND DARKNESS STONED VIOLENT FEEDBACK HIGH WATTAGE / SATANIC WORSHIP THE CULT OF DOOM / WE ARE HERE STONER PAGANS / HEARING KILLERS YOUR TIME IS OVER / RIFFCOVEN RIFFCOVEN