Lethal Injektion - No Turning Back [Official Music Video]

Stream, download or purchase here: Itunes: http://tinyurl.com/y9yvpeeh Amazon: http://tinyurl.com/ybcvjogu Spotify: http://tinyurl.com/ydywjt6b Google Play: http://tinyurl.com/y8cectaq Pandora: https://www.pandora.com/lethal-injektion Physical Copies shipped WORLDWIDE: http://tinyurl.com/ycwzqz9s Subscribe to our official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/MrRuffLife Follow Lethal Injektion: https://www.facebook.com/lethalinjekt... https://www.instagram.com/lethalinjek... https://www.twitter.com/Linjektion Directed by Irin Daniels of Marmera Creative ~ | LYRICS | ~ Its a new day and I'm on my way, I take every second no time to waste Seize every moment seems crazy don't it, your soul you sold it with mine I hold it Before you know it you're the greatest goin, got big wheels I keep rollin over those potholes I'm gonna keep it goin, no obstacle can stop me growin Most of them live in that cyclops, that 1 eye open before it closes, are you really knowin where you're goin because right now the proof is showin Its what you make it, its how you mold it, life's like a trigger it's fully loaded Gotta stay awake so it's duly noted, gotta stay fluid until it's fully coated I came this far, there's no going back (echo) we've went this far, there's no turning back (echo) I don't live in the past, I stay in the future Every day that passed my life gets newer, I do it moving my friends get fewer, that's the way it is for a constant mover Self preservation never devastating cuz life is family we stay relating, it's all location, there's no debating that I'm here to stay death's merely waiting The world is fake my impact is real, there's no shield it's like cold steel, on warm skin, I'm all in, gonna go hard no cautious wind Throw that to the wind with a devlish grin, give great a glimpse, I'm on the fringe, not trying to lose I'm trying to make dent You only live once can't do it again (Come On) I came this far, there's no going back (echo) we've went this far, there's no turning back (echo) I came this far, there's no going back (echo) we've went this far, there's no turning back (echo) I came this far, there's no going back (echo) we've went this far, there's no turning back (echo)

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Lethal Injektion Release Official Music Video for "No Turning Back" Off of 'Judgement Night' LP

“No Turning Back” is about fighting for your dreams no matter what and against all odds, until you get to the point of no return! There IS No Turning Back” - Jonathan Russell (vocals)

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Lethal Injektion is the newest Rap/Metal sensation, based out of Tucson Arizona. The band was put together with Tucson’s hottest top tier artists to make an undeniable sound & movement.

Jacob Ryan, is a successful independent rap artist under the rap name The Raskal, who most recently won West Coast Artist Of The Year @ The Under Ground Music Awards in New York in December 2015. The Raskal has also had major write ups in The Source, allhiphop.com, World Star Hip Hop, along with other big features.

Jonathan Russell is most known for his amazing talents as the vocalist in his own band, Stands With Fists. Stands With Fists has had a lot of independent success as well doing several huge events such as Knot Fest & KFMA’s Fall Ball just to name a few. Jacob reached out to Jonathan back in July, with an idea and concept never before seen or done in Tucson. A fusion of hardcore passionate hip hop lyrics, blended with high energy, aggressive metal tones and rhythms. The one thing missing was a band to make it all come together. Using his deep connections in the Tucson metal scene, Jonathan reached out to a young talented group of musicians to finalize this new super group. Guitarists Lawrence McIntyre & Jesse Espich team up with drummer James Ringstrom, and bassist Luis Rodriguez to provide a unique, yet marketable sound to accompany Jonathan’s wide vocal range and dynamic melodies, as well as Jacob’s gritty yet clever rhymes and distinct voice. Their debut single “Strength Through Struggle” has done amazing numbers, and is available on all major digital music outlets. The band released their follow up single and very first music video “Voices” on their YouTube channel Friday January 15, 2016. The band then followed up with their first studio recorded EP “Sex Is Power”, which made an immediate impact charting as high as #8 on Itunes for new releases for the Rock Genre, and stayed at #1 on Amazon for new alternative metal release for the first 2 weeks. Be on the lookout for their second full legth album “Judgement Night” under the home umbrella RuffLife Recordz, comingSeptember 15, 2017.

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