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Zander Hawley - Until We Both Get Bored (Official Video)

Directed by Joey Brodnax Written by Zander Hawley



Until We Both Get Bored

Zander Hawley

Rogue + Jaye "Golden Lady" - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Directed by Ben Bennett / Shot and edited by Stefan Colson. From the album, Pent Up. Released May 5th, 2017 via Tropicali Records.



Rogue + Jaye "Golden Lady" - OFFICIAL VIDEO

Rogue + Jaye

SNST "Remember How It Ends" Official Video

Official video for "Remember How It Ends" by SNST. "Remember How It Ends" is the third video released from SNST's "Turn out the Lights" (2017) album.

SNST is Chris Broach and Steve Znavor. 2017 live band includes Harrison Clark and Sean Husick.

Produced, Recorded, Edited, and Mixed with Will Yip at Studio 4 in Conshocken, PA. Mastered and final Edits by Chris Broach at 87th Street Studios in Willow Springs, IL. Co-Produced by Chris Broach and Steve Znavor.

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The Movielife - Mercy Is Asleep At The Wheel (Official Audio)

Suburbs in search of a city. Did you ever get there? ‘Cause I waited for you. I gave you three trains, did you ever get on? Or are you still getting off on turning the screw? Mercy is asleep at the wheel. The rest of us are just hanging on. Crashing through common sense, colliding with the past, when will you come around? Cities in search of a heart. No one ever found one and it’s tearing us all apart. Is your conscience still waking up? Our will is iron, ’til it’s rust. Mercy is asleep at the wheel. The rest of us are just hanging on. Crashing through common sense, colliding with the past, when will you come around? Lay your flowers on me, I won’t make a sound. Lower me soft and slow. I can see it now, I’m not alone. Mercy is asleep at the wheel. The rest of us are just hanging on. Crashing through common sense, colliding with the past, when will you come around?
The Movielife -…

ST.MARTiiNS - othr grls (Official Music Video)

debut EP 'bad w/ her' out 23.6.17 on itunes/spotify 

instagram - @stmartiins
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othr grls - ST.MARTiiNS ST MARTiiNS

Lucas Oswald – “Dark On Us” Official Audio

Lucas Oswald used to play in the Appleseed Cast and currently plays in Shearwater, but under his own name, he writes buoyant indie-pop about depression. Whet, his sophomore solo album, is arriving in September, and today, he’s whetting your appetite with a new song called “Dark On Us.” “‘Dark On Us’ is about panic,” Oswald explains. “I wanted the music to convey the frenetic, unhinged energy of that feeling — but all happening on top of this really repetitive drum beat and progression. It’s like the way the brain sparks a feedback loop when you’re terrified. You get stuck in a thought. Lyrically, the song is an argument between two parts of the mind: one character is fight, the other is flight. They push back and forth and idealize what a harmonious relationship might feel like.” It may be the most pleasant song about panic ever written, and you can hear it below.

Minus the Bear - Last Kiss (Official Video)

Artist: Minus the Bear
Title: Last Kiss
Produced by: Dan Huiting
Directed by: Dan Huiting
DP: Dan Huiting
Camera operators: Tomas Aksamit, Aaron Berger, Harry Reynolds
Gaffer: Keith Moechnig
Grip: Jeff Villars
PA: Harry Reynolds
Editor: Shane Rock Nelson
Motion Design & Special Effects: Omni-Fusion & Aaron Berger
Post Production Assistant: Nick Shoess 
Dept head HMU: Melissa Martin
Hair Key: Jacqi Beck
HMU assist: Paige Fetter
Special thanks: Burlesque of North America
Label: Suicide Squeeze Records
Official Site:
Artist Instagram: @minusthebear
Label Instagram: @suicidesqueeze
Minus the Bear - Last Kiss (Official Video)

EP Submission for Review - VS - Reality EP - Release (19/6/2017) - UK Grunge/Garage/Alt Rock

Emerging Leeds (UK) alt/grunge/garage rockers 'Vs' are looking for reviews of their debut 3 track 'Reality?' EP release (19th June 2017) via their bandcamp
VS - BIOGRAPHY Art moves in cycles. The last few decades have seen the world re-visit the swinging '60's, the psychedelic '70's, and the electric '80's, bringing us up to.... now. Re-visiting the grunge scene with an injection of something just a bit more special comes Vs. this all new, all original, Leeds (UK) based act come packed with echoes of Sound Garden, early Pearl Jam and Nirvana, and blended with the tones of a disenfranchised and forgotten era. 

Featuring Bear on bass, Dave 'Ego' Branigan on drums and Neil 'Shortie' Short on guitar and vox, Vs. is the product of years of industry experience, pouring from previous success with Further From the Truth, My Older Ego and Monster Jaw to name but a few. With their debut single, Listen, alread…

Shattered Sun - Keep Your Eyes Shut (Audio)

Shattered Sun "Keep Your Eyes Shut" is from the album, The Evolution Of Anger, available July 21st.

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We're on the road to nowhere 
We're showing no signs of despair
Close your eyes to the reflections that we bear
We fight our way through the pain 
We're dragging our lives through the drain 
But we'd kill for our chance to remain  
Knives the words upon my last 
Continue living blindly 
I'm living higher but you could never know 
Keep dragging us through the mud 
As we push through the anger 
Leave our lives for you all to decide 

Keep your eyes shut
It's never endi

Conveyer - No Future (Official Music Video)

Conveyer “No Future” is from the album, No Future, available June 23rd, 2017.

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Empty hearts and muted voices are the fabric of this world
With spirits sunk so low you can see the bottom
There’s a hole deep within us all, never fulfilled
Let us say a prayer for those who walk the earth when we’re no longer here
Destroy our indifference and burn with despair
Forgive my ignorance, this is all I can bear

No grace, no love, no light, no future, no hope

With your hands removed from the equation,
And no sign of your hedge of protection
We’ve destroyed all you’ve created,
Never fulfilled

I constant reminder that this world is not my home
No future for the wicked
No future without hope

Directed by: Dustin Smith
© Victory Records 2017
Conveyer - No Future (Official Music Video)